Terms of Play

When purchasing tickets, one does it in a specific bike category. One can purchase tickets in several categories at the same time.

One may provide ones personal preferences on the build, as long as they are of cosmetic character. This means one can change colour scheme, alter seat shape, etc.

Occasionally, as a part of the prize, Bonesheart documents and films the entire process, from the win to the delivery of the bike to the winner, which is published and shared on Bonesheart’s site and social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook et cetera. For the winner it starts with meeting the builder’s at his workshop, to discuss the details of the design. It is not mandatory for a winner to participate in documentaries.

Conditions for winning

Bonesheart sells maximum 10,000 tickets before a draw is executed, and it is Bonesheart’s decision whether a winner should be drawn prior to having sold all 10,000 tickets.

Bonesheart will deliver the bike as if purchased in the winner’s country, registered with license plates. Any applicable taxes is the winner’s responsibility.

The prize cannot be swapped for cash.

Please, also see FAQs.

Restrictions: In some countries, restrictions apply for operating lotteries, prohibiting Bonesheart to selling tickets there. We continuously evaluate alternative methods for these countries to make it possible for you to take part in the Bonesheart experience.

For those who would like to purchase a Bonesheart bike, this is also possible. There are various options available. Please use the contact form at (länk till kontaktformulär) for further information.


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