General Guide

Bonesheart has made its best effort to make the site user-friendly. Over time we will develop the FAQs, based on our members’ feedback and questions.

We have created two separate main locations for the Bonesheart experience.

The Community

Firstly, we have the community, which we want to become a meeting place for all people who are interested in bikes. You don’t have to own a bike. It is enough to be an enthusiast. In the community you can find other bikers and builders and everyone can share their experiences and interests. It is free to join the community. The community will include a web-shop for relevant products. Over time we plan to grow the community to make it increasingly exciting and with more products. For companies we will  also intend to offer creative opportunities together with our team.

The Lottery

Secondly, we are offering our members to win a custom dream bike. You can do this through a link to our third party lottery provider Winners Group, who operates Bonesheart’s lottery. Each win and process will have a different delivery time. In more complex cases it may take up to 6 months or more. First the most suitable builder needs to be chosen. Then a donor bike shall be located and purchased. Finally the bike shall be built and approved according to local requirements. Many of the winners and the process, from meeting the builder until receiving the prize will be documented and shared on Bonesheart’s site and on other social media, such as YouTube.


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