Here you can find answers to common questions about Bonesheart and the site. The FAQ is divided ins sections for you to easier find what you need help with. The FAQ section will be added to over time while monitoring most frequent questions.




How do I become a member?
You need to enter a username and a password. Then you become a member. We appreciate if you go to “My Page” and enter further information about yourself. You can add a picture of yourself and you can share related pictures.

For builders, you can choose to apply to become an approved Bonesheart Builder. Go to “My Profile” and click on “Businesses”, then click “New Business” and register your information.

What does it cost to join?
It is free to join the community.
Why do I have to register both on the Community and the Lottery?
Bonesheart’s Community and Lottery are operated on two different platforms. The Community is operated by Bonesheart’s own personnel. The lottery is operated by Bonesheart’s third party lottery operator, Winners Group.
How do I contact Bonesheart?
First you have to go to “Contact Us”, then you enter your personal information and your issue. If you provide us with your information, we will contact you.




Can I buy a Bonesheart bike?
Yes, you can buy a Bonesheart bike. We get special Bonesheart bikes designed by renown designers. Sometimes we have ready built bikes that we use for commercial purposes. Most often, we build the bike that you want. We choose only approved Bonesheart builders who are known for skill and quality. This will guarantee the value of your bike.
May I make changes to the designs you offer?
Absolutely. The designs we are showing are for inspiration. You may choose different colors etc., and if you have specific requirements for main parts, such as forks, we need to meet with the builder and go through the details. This will cater for good cost estimates and make sure your expectations are met. The combination of having a quality builder and the Bonesheart logo will be the best guarantee for the value of your bike.
Can you take care of shipments etc.?
We can take care of everything from providing a donor bike, choosing the right builder, building the bike and finally getting it to you, wherever you are in the world. This needs to be agreed on beforehand, such that proper project plans and budgets can be prepared and agreed upon. It needs to be a quality process from the beginning til the end, but you may choose to do certain parts of the process yourself, as long as this is reflected in the interface section in our contract.
Do you have any extra offers or services?
Extra offers will be available in our web-shop. When it comes to services, we offer the same program as we have in our lottery. This entails a once in a life time experience which we will tailor compose per occasion, but we have a template. The template includes the following:
1. Meet the builder, which will be filmed professionally where you have the lead role.
2. During the building process pictures and filming is performed in 4-6 sequences, which may involve you, but is not necessary. It depends on the logistics etc.
3. When the bike is ready you are back in the lead role when the hand over is completed. It will be fully documented, also in book format. If you want to, which we prefer, the program material is presented on Bonesheart’s site and social media such as YouTube.
How much does it cost?
While each bike build becomes a unique project, each has to be priced individually.


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