Who We Are

Bonesheart is a place where every biker and builder can meet, share experiences and get inspiration, and not the least, where you can buy or win your dream custom bike. 

Bonesheart has created an opportunity for bikers and builders to buy or win and build unique Bonesheart bikes. Occasionally we will combine this with an unforgettable experience at some exotic place in the world together with us and our bikes. These special events will be documented, filmed and shared on Bonesheart’s website and distributed on various social media.

Further Information

For those who would like to purchase a Bonesheart bike there are various options available. Please contact Bonesheart by filling in our “Contact Us” form.

Becoming a member in Bonesheart family is free.

In some countries lotteries are prohibited. Bonesheart will investigate alternative ways for these countries to allow members to have a chance to win a Bonesheart experience.



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