Bonesheart History

The Bonesheart founders identified what they believe is an opportunity to create something new in the global biker community. A meeting place for all categories of bikers and brands. It started with building the now famous Bonesheart Specials, the twins based on Honda CB750, built by DeBolex in London. 

One of the Bonesheart Specials twins came second in a Wheels & Waves race in Biarritz. The twins were awarded third place in Red Bulls global nomination of the most desirable Christmas gifts. This has boosted our belief in the Bonesheart initiative.

Further Information

For those who would like to purchase a Bonesheart bike, this is of course possible. There are various options available for this alternative. Please contact Bonesheart by filling in our “Contact Us” form.

Becoming a member in Bonesheart family is free.

If you decide to visit the Bonesheart lottery operated by Winners Group, there are some legal limitations; lottery tickets cannot be made available in all countries. Bonesheart will investigate alternative ways for these countries to allow members to have a chance to win a Bonesheart experience.



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