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Our Ambition

Bonesheart is a new concept with the ultimate long-term goal to build the largest global community for people who love motorcycles. The ambition is that we in some years shall have millions of members / followers. We are now starting slowly involving family and friends, and of course a couple of selected builders.

For builders, we are initially focusing on European ones, but we will also invite builders from other parts of the world when things are properly up and running. But off course every builder are welcome to sign up on!

Hopefully you will look at us as a partner, not as a competitior! We are building this community and marketplace to spread the word about you as a builder, and to promote your work. Take a look at our Instagram page @Bonesheart to se example of this promotion.

Would you like to get the chance to be promoted on our Instapage, use hashtag #bonesheart and @bonesheart.

Why should you as a builder become a member of Bonesheart?

You as builder is going to be actively promoted, and our idea is that You will be spearheading the bikes and their design and developments. We call it “The Bonesheart Experience!”

To make Bonesheart exciting and appealing to a broader audience, interesting for social medias and attractive for associated partners, we will invite buyers and winners of bikes to participate in organised exotic events. This means that Bonesheart will be an experience for buyers/winners, not only a place people find a bike. People will meet likeminded enthusiasts, and Bonesheart will provide a natural meeting ground. Our ambition is long-term.

What’s in it for you?

* You will have access to a global market place of potential buyers

* You will have a place where you can meet and discuss with other builders and customers all over the world

* You can focus on your core competence, and we on ours

* You will be featured professionally on various social media

* You will have access to a place where you can follow the trends and news.

* You get access to our followers, and hopefully we to yours

* You will be a part of something that is beneficial to the entire motorcycle community

* When you are chosen to build a Bonesheart bike, you will get a bonus

* When a winner’s bike is built by you, you will be featured in 6 x 10 minute films documenting the process from
start till end, together with the winner.

Please give us at chance to prove it´s worth the effort and become a member of!

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